Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Aftermath

Wow - I am really happy with my photos (using my new RED camera!) The Thanksgiving decor is's minimal compared to Xmas. I got a great surprise from my friend Gail. She made this cute little Turkey Sweet Treat with a pull up back door.....looks funny,.....because I ate all the Chocolate Sunflower Seeds before I took this photo. She also made a Harvest Blessing Mix in a box. I am very lucky to receive one of these from her:

Here's the Harvest Blessing Mix: a mixture of goodies which are candy corn, pretzels, nuts, etc.

I have these special gifts sitting where all the plates and utensils are for the massive buffet. Am expecting about 25 - not too many compared to Xmas where I have had up to 65!!!

Here's my 10' table decor: sprays of Fall leaves, a bear sitting on a pumpkin all sitting on a Natural colored tablecloth

Close-up of the center piece:

Along the buffet wall are scarecrows - they don't work because people still eat what is on the buffet.
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving getting together with family and friends. And, a great day off, too. Thank you for visiting today. Big hug to all.......................!!!


Whimcees said...

It all looks absolutely wonderful! I hope that it was a happy day for you!

Barbara Diane

Debbie said...


I love your blog. I've just found it via Inking Idaho. I love your projects. Very inspirational, thanks for sharing.

hugs Debbie x

Whitney Richardson said...

Wow! the quality of your pictures are alot better. Someone told me whehn I got my new camera and start blogging to make sure to jkeep it in Macro setting and that helps with the pics for the blog I am sure you know that but just in case!! xxooo Happy Thanksgiving!!