Sunday, November 22, 2009

Great News - Awards to Post

Am catching up on my postings................I received these awards (actually the same awards twice in the same day - how cool can that be???) from my favorite person: Barbara at and another new favorite: Rhoda at (now how cool is that name!)

This is the Acquaintance Award: I have to say I really like it because it has RED!

And here is the Good Luck and Good Fortune Award which I really needed this week...........and it worked!

So I will pass this onto the following 10 fabulous bloggers who continue to inspire me to create .............there are way more than 10 but this is the "short list" (maybe?) all know the "drill"...........pass it on to 10 more people who have influence you!!!! Let them know about their award (that would be nice). Pick up and post this on your blog side bar.

I added comments to the bloggers because I am so thrilled to pass this on to them!!!!

1. Roxy from Love those Canadians!!!

2. Lorri H from I will always be in debt to her since she influenced me to start my blog - love you!

3. Becky at She is the kindest and exceptionally creative stamper!!!

4. Ellen at OMG - ya gotta visit this lady!!!! No disappointments here!

5. Whitney at Creative album in a tin, for sure inspiring to make

6. Sandi at who has some way cool "stuff" to get your juices going

7. LeeAnn at whom I visit to get a daily dose of inspiration

8. Amy at who always has the bestest instructions along with great creations

9. Jay at who has a huge libray to inspire

10. Mike at He's a guy and he is my new favorite place to visit!!!! You go-guy!

Thank you all!!!
A great big HUG from San Francisco!!


Whimcees said...

And a big hug back to you Patti! You deserve the awards - your blog is wonderful. I look forward to a new posting tomorrow!

Barbara Diane

5price4ever said...

Please!!Hurry!! I hope you get your luverly RED camera soon..I'm going into creatons by patti withdrawls!!!!Hope the camera is your new fun tool added to your SU! collection. Hope all is well with you!

Lorri said...

Thanks so much Patti!! You are so sweet to include me in your list! I will update my blog soon, have company coming today and they are staying in my stamping/computer room!!!!!

corinnesomerville said...

You must think I am the most ungrateful Canadian that there is !!! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to thank you for your award !!! I really do appreciate it and you are monster talented girlie !!!! You inspire me !!!

Big Big Canadian Hugs :) !!!
Corinne (aka Roxy)