Monday, November 2, 2009

A Nice Halloween Surprise

So did you all have a good Halloween celebration?
Are these just the cutest ???- I am so fortunate. These special treats are from a Trick or Treater: Gail. She is very shy and will probably blush when she she's her "treats" posted on this blog. She is one talented lady!!! I got "Little Boo" in a treat box with tea, Frankenstein notes and a sliding Frankenstein card. Frankie is my favorite creepy character at Halloween. I will really miss "Little Boo" when he is retired.

Here's a better view of the tea tote:

And the Frankenstein slider card: this is a favorite because you know how I love cards that move or do something other than being a card. Finished card size: 4" x 7". Gail also incorporated a punched pumpkin in the bottom left corner - so cute! Love that horizontal slot pumpkin top!

This is what happens when you pull the tab - cool, eh??? way cool!!!! I LOVE this style of card!!!!!

Here's a close-up of the inside:

This will be the last Halloween posting - indeed, a good one to end the holiday. Thank you, Gail for your kindness and thoughtfulness! Your a pal!


Carolynn said...

What a talented lady! Such a great gift!

helen said...

Very cool card indeed! How does Frankie moved up? Is there a magnet inside?

eunice said...

How cute is that Frankenstein! Gail did a great job with this...and I love how she inked her ghost with cool!