Friday, April 30, 2010

Purse RAK

Is this the cutest RAK (Random act of kindness)? OMG - I am so blessed to have a friend like Frances - in the past, she has made many other surprises for me and allowed me to post them (no - she doesn't have a blog and I am really encouraging her to have one). This is a smaller version of Becky Roberts purse (love Becky!!!! Finished purse size without the handles is: 5-1/2" (at bottom) x 4" (to the top of the purse). The purse handles at 10" long. There's a surprise inside............keep looking...........

Like the buckle? it's a die from ???? but I do love the eyelets

The center pocket flap opens:

The right side has a tag (small oval punch) with a chain:

Inside: can you see?

The back:

And here is what is inside the purse: a small wallet: the wallet size is 3" x 3-3/4"

The belly band comes off:

Ooooooooh............look what's inside! Yet another surprise!!!!! Isn't it way cool? Frances waved her magic wand and shrunk down the flag style card to make this cute wallet.

There are even 2 inside tags that can be removed:

Now isn't this the cutest?

This was a absolute great week.............Thanks for stopping by today..........hugs!!! Have a great weekend.


Tonje said...

Wow! Lucky you! That is the greatest purse I have seen ever! So many details! Totally cool!

Liam said...

Wow Patti you lucky thing. YOu get amazing RAK's. This one is soo gorgeous. Frances definitely needs a blog to show off that beautiful creation with the world.


Helen said...

You are one lucky gal! The purse is so cute and so does the wallet. I had created a purse template that look like that, but never use it. I think it's time for me to use it now, now that I've seen this purse.

Anonymous said...

That's just a wonderful RAK -- someone spent a lot of time and it's so darn detailed. Best purse I've seen, but you deserve it. Hugs, Syl

sandi maciver said...

that is truly the cutest little thing, how sweet and how nice of her to send it to you

paperpotter said...

Hands down, this is waaaaay cute. Tell her we will pay money for the tutorial! And I'm serious.

lisa808 said...

Wow--beautiful purse & wallet.

Karen C said...

How adorable is that! Totally rocks!

Angie said...

WOW! This is the nicest purse that I've seen yet! What a wonerdful RAK! A lot of hard work and the fine details is awesome.

Carrie said...

DANG! That is absolutely incredible!!! I want a real life version of that purse!

Inking Idaho said...

Holy Cow that is darling! I have been working on a tutorial on smaller purses... and I may have to include that one... :)

Love it you lucky girl!!