Friday, February 12, 2010

Wow Package Received

Look!!!!! I got this package a couple days was a very BIG surprise. I had no idea I was getting this amazing box. It is from Kathy Chono-Herring. She has a blog: - visit her fabulous creations there. I met Kathy at Leadership and swapped with her even though she had no more swaps......and wow, this is by far a swap that will last a very long time as well as new found friendship made.

Taking off the crumpled paper reveals the contents: whoops, what is this? It looks like a train? I recognize those things, ya know.

But wait, there's yet another large bag with 2 cards: This one is using the sweetheart treat cup and that fabulous Sending Love DSP!

Open the card, and a 3x3 envelope with a small card covers the candy opening:

Here's the 2nd card Kathy sent: this one was demonstrated by Dawn at the Phoenix Regionals. I didn't pay attention how to make this card because I was so busy socializing! Great job, Kathy on this card!!!! The wheel moves like a view master.

Here's the inside of the card:

Rotate the circle until there is an opening for the candy:

Now here is the ginormous surprise: a full set of Love Train. Kathy included the brads to connect the train pieces. Each train piece was individually bagged for transport. I am so lucky to receive one of these. I have admired these trains for a couple is on my "to do" list. It is made from that fabulous Sending Love DSP with the red epoxy brads and yummy vanilla brads, flanked by the sweetheart treat cups for the "windows" in the front and caboose. The milk carton is the "hood" of the train. Want to see more?

Looks at this cool front of the train!

The 2nd car linked together with a brad.

The 3rd car:

The caboose: Love it!

I do hope you enjoyed both Kathy's cards as well as the Love Train she made...............HUGS!!!


Rhonda Miller said...

These are great. I love the cards and that train is sooo cute. What a lovely surprise. TFS.

Whimcees said...

Hi Patti!

What a wonderful and awesome gift! Everything is beautiful! Wow! The unique ways in which she created openings for the candy treats was fantastic.

I would love to make the train and hope to see a tutorial soon! :<)

Wishing you a good weekend! Happy Valentine's Day!

Barbara Diane

planlady19 said...

i really like the train

scrappychica said...

Patti those are some BIG wow gifts! I love what you received and I cant wait to see your version of these darling trains!

eunice said...

WooHoo! Absolutely lovin' that LOVE TRAIN! Can't wait to see your version, Patti!