Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Holiday Card from Hawaii

I wanted to share this with all of you. It's a fabulous card I got in the mail from a blog friend last week: Eunice. I am so glad she posted the card details on her blog December 25. (http://www.astarforchiemi.blogspot.com/) Check out her site for some other fun and creative ideas. This is such a fun and fabulous card. I absolutely love it. And, that is her real dog (not a stuffed toy - isn't he cute?). It is extremely rearding to have a great blog friend who is so kind and thoughtful............THANK YOU EUNICE!!!

So I start to follow the card instructions to "pull" and LOOK what happens!!!! How exciting is this!!!!

See the printed "pull" tab:

Pull open the photo section to reveal a message (in of course, my favorite color):

The card opens up to reveal a second message. There's room on the sides for a handwritten message which Eunice has done so here on her card.

Top view with card folded:

And here's anther over view:

Thank you for stopping by today...............stay tuned for recipes from 12/23 to be posted.


Ellen Kemper said...

Not only is your friend cute as could be - she is obviously uber talented.

off now to check her blog

Thanks Patti for sharing her card.


eunice said...

I am humbled to receive such rave compliments from someone whose creative genius I admire so much!
BTW, just for the record, the young lady in the photo is my dd. Me? I'm the fifty sumptin year old lady who is always behind the camera taking the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I loved it. I would like to have an instruction how to make it beside Christmas card.

Robbie said...

How cute is this!! I love it!