Friday, June 19, 2009

Shoe Week: Snowflake Party

Today is the last of the 5 Shoes (and matching purses) for this week....kind of sad. This last one had to be in Red and it had to be my favorite time of the year: the Holidays. In the following weeks there will be more shoes (and purses) to come but for now.........this is the last one. This week has really challenged me to come up with a different shoe (and purse) - It has been self inspiring and fun! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share these with you this week. Some changes (improvements) have been made to this posting from the wee hours of the night

The silver "hairy" embellishment used is really yarn! The large snowflakes are punched in Brushed Silver and Card Stock Vellum, attached with a silver brad and double dimensionals (that's 2 dimensionals back to back). Then I added a red snowflake with a adhesive rhinestone.

Here's the top view of the shoe. Insole is also in Brushed Silver.

Close-up view of the front embellishment:

Side view (note: curved back - more feminine)
Back of the shoe with small punched Snowflakes with adhesive rhinestones int he center:

The purse is embellished with fancy yarn on the flap. This will hold 4-6 6-1/2"x3-1/4" cards and small open end envelopes (or candy!)
Under the flap: there is a 1-3/8" punch (half way in the center of the purse opening). The closure is a double layered dimensional snowflake (yippee -no Velcro). The flap slips behind the snowflake and is secure!
Close-up of purse embellishment:

Back of the purse:

The embellishment:
This is the largest snowflake punch in the right proportion - I can't wait for SU's new exclusive Snowflake Punch to be released on July 1st (and there is a matching stamp, too!). Punch both in Brushed Silver Card Stock and Card Stock Vellum, attach with a silver brad, then attach a small red punched snowflake on top with a mini glur dot.

The Shoe: this is the same altered shoe pattern used in yesterday's posting. (Original shoe template can be found at

This photo shows the curved shape of the back heel area:

As mentioned in yesterday's posting, in order to fit the heel on to the back, clip the back piece as shown and everything will fit nicely.

I also curved the insole but in order for the shape to be retained, more clipping, then attach to the sides.

Here's Crystal Effects that are used to apply the "Festive Fur" yarn.
The heel embellishments (punch a red snowflake for the top of the shoe, too)

The Purse: Cut (1) 10"x9-1/2" CS, score 1-1/2" on 9-1/2 side. Turn paper and score 4", 1-1/2". Cut as shown. Apply Sticky Tape to complete assembly.

The Purse Flap:
  • Handle: Cut (1) handle 7/8"x 5-1/2", score 5/8" each end, use 3/16" corner Punch for all 4 corners.
  • Flap: Cut (1) 4"x 7", score on 4" side: 1/2", 2". Note: Photo below shows placement for the edge of the handle to be 1-1/4" away from the flap edge. The brad placement should be 3/8" toward the center. Use 3/16 Punch for 2" flap corners

The assembled handle should now look like the photo below. Add Sticky tape to the 1/2" fold and position to the back of purse.

Using Crystal Effects, apply a small bead along the flap edge (and shoe opening), position yarn on top - allow to dry.

  • Stamps: none
  • CS: Real Red, Brushed Silver, Card Stock Vellum
  • Ink: None
  • Accys: Silver Brads, Sticky Tape, Dimensionals, Crystal Effects, 3/16" Corner Punch, 1-3/8" Circle Punch, Small and Large Snowflake Punch (non SU), Yarn (non SU), 1/4" Red satin ribbon (non SU), Red Genstones (Hero Arts), Clear Gemstones (Hero Arts).

I hope to complete these shoes by making another one (the left side) to put into a shoe box........sometime soon! Thank you SO MUCH for visiting this week. Have a great weekend........XOXO


Diane Schultz said...

Hello Patti! These shoes and purses were just fabulous. Will you be posting your shoe pattern? I would just love a copy if you do. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful projects. You are such an inspiration.
Diane S.

Creations by Patti said...

Message for Diane: Original template information added to my blog. Note: it will need to be altered. or of you would supply me your address, I can send it to you.
- Patti

Suzie said...

These are such fun shoes, I have made some in the past, but yours are so creative. thanks for sharing your ideas, can't wait to see more.

Laurie said...

WOW! You are amazing!

Jennifer CR said...

Hi Patti! I don't think I have ever commented here on your blog as I subscribe and your awesome blog posts are always sent directly to my email for me to drool over!!! Anyway, I figured I was way overdue in making a comment so that leads me to tonight!

I adore everything you make! I only wish I could have a SU demo in my area with as much talent that you have. (note: I live in Minnesota) You are beyond creative and I love seeing your posts pop up in my inbox, they always make me smile regardless of how my day is really going!

Now these matching shoes and bags...Oh my! You're talking to a girly girl over here that loves everything to match! So seeing your different shoes and bags this week has been an awesome highlight in my week!

I'm a little concerned about making the shoe and bag from the pattern. Is it somewhere I can print out? I'm a visual learner (again another reason to wish I lived closer to you so I could actually see them in real life!)

If you have any suggestions on the patterns or know of any awesome demos like yourself here in Minnesota, please let me know!

Thanks again for all of your inspiration! I love reading your posta and seeing your beautiful projects!

Jennifer CR

my email address:

Karli said...

All of these shoes & handbags have been fierce, girl! You are so awesome for sharing the deets (in detail)! Your creativity is inspiring :)

Regina said...

hello, Patti
ABSOLUTLEY amazing!!! I don't even know what else to say. WOW!!!!!!!!
Your shoes and purse are great creations!!! I love all the wonderful details you've included.
greetings Regina