Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shoe Week: An Elegant Affair

Wouldn't you want a pair of these shoes with the matching purse? Look what can be done with the Swirls Scribbles die using the Big Shot. It was simple to create this dramatic project.

The shoe was made from combining a couple shoe templates: taking the slimmer heel shape from one, the pointed toe front from another and curves shaping the back to come up with this final shoe. By adding Real Red contrast color CS along with red adhesive gemstones, the project comes to life.

Here's a close-up of the front toe area where the Swirl Scribbles are slightly "twisted" for the 3-D effect.

The back: this is the best part. The swirls wrap up the back of the heel and also to the side of the shoe:

Another view of the back:

Close-up of the Scribbles in the back:

Tip for assembling the back: Because the shape of the back is curved, snip as shown in the photo below so this piece can confirm to the shaped back.
The purse size is 8-1/2 high x 6-3/4" x 1-1/2". This will hold 3-4 note cards with envelopes. Swirls and Scribbles embellish both the handle and the front along with red adhesive gemstones.

The handles: 11-1/2" x 1-1/2" finished.

Back of purse with contrast Real Red card stock at purse opening (3/16" wide):

Here's the purse before it is assembled. Add the embellishments before assembling the purse. I added the contrast Real Red Card stock for the handle afterwards (photo does not show the contrast color).

The original purse template was not the same proportion as the shoe. It needed to be increased about 28% - this original template can be found from Mel Stampz web site (see the side bar for her link). In fact, Mel has a huge library variety of purses.
Note: photo below shows top of purse opening 5-1/2" long. This narrow piece is to show the measurement and is NOT part of the purse template. To create the curve, the center is 1/2" deep (not marked in photo).
  • Stamps: none
  • CS: Real Red, Black
  • Ink: none
  • Accys: Big Shot Swirls and Scribbles Die, Sticky Tape, Red Gemstones (Hero Arts).

Thank you for stopping by today.........enjoy........XOXO


Vicky said...

Red is my favorite color too!! You amaze me each day with all your creations! It's such a joy to see what might be here each day! thanks for sharing all you do!

Going with the Flow By Renee said...

This is my favorite so far! Red is also my favorite color! I absolutely love it! Renee

Marisa said...

These are fabulous!!!

Princess said...

This post has been up for several weeks and you only have three comments. What a shame.

When I saw this project I was blown away! And I've seen a lot of cute things out there...but this takes the cake.

I forwarded it to three friends already this morning!

I'm actually a very casual tomboyish type person...but LOVE this set. I may have to make it just to bring out my feminine side. Or maybe I can make a set as a gift for my very girly neighbor.

Regardless, this is ADORABLE! I have already added you to my google reader so I can get all your updates. But as I browsed a few of your pages....I can see that I will be spending quite some time on your blog.

Seriously. You are in my top five. In fact, with projects as fabulous as yours....I may not need those other sites any more.

I found your site from: She highlighted a project of yours. Fortunately you had your website on the bottom of your picture so I was able to find your site. It was a struggle to read it. You may want to increase the font size a bit.

Anyway, love your work. It's fabulous and inspiring!

I have a few 3D projects on my site as well. I'm really loving that type stuff.