Friday, May 29, 2009

Cake in a Box - Tutorial

This is the "how to" tutorial for the box which contains the cake in the center posted this week on my blog. This generic tutorial is to enable focusing on the assembly process of this project. Finished project should look like the following photo:

The Lid with 2" sides:
  • Cut (1) 8-1/8" x 8-1/8" Solid Card Stock or Designer Paper
  • Score 2" along all sides
  • Use bone folder for crisp fold on score lines
  • Cut as indicated in the photo
  • Apply sticky tape to secure lid flaps
  • Finished lid size should be 4-1/4" x 4-1/8" (box size is 4x4. Lid needs to be +1/8" larger)


  • for narrower sides, CS should be cut down accordingly: for example, 1-1/2"+4-1/8"+1-1/2" = 7-1/2" square.
  • Decorate the lid before or after it is assembled.

Finished lid:

The Box:

  • Use (1) 12" x 12" card stock or Designer Paper
  • Score every 4", turn paper and score every 4".
  • Use bone folder for crisp fold lines
  • Cut as shown in the photo below


  • Decorate each 4" square as desired. Be sure to keep embellishments to a minimum since the sides will be "wrapping" around. The possibilities are endless.
  • For the center: No cake die? Glue down a toy , a photo frame, a surprise,( max height 4" high), or how about a smaller box in the center with pull out photos!........

To achieve the "wrap around" look of the box, start "wrapping the sides of the box by picking up the first section as shown in the photo:

The second "wrap":

The third "wrap":

The final "wrap:

Last step - place lid on top!

Now that wasn't so bad...................hope you will try this project and enjoy decorating it for yourself or for a gift to someone special! Have a great weekend.


eunice said...

Thanks for the great tutorial, Patti, can't wait to play!

Peggy Maier said...

Thanks so much for the tutorial... I've been enjoying all your posts, dreading having to figure out measurements, etc. & now you've done it for me!

seekandkeep said...

Excellent, excellent! Great job as always... Thanks, Patti!

RuthieB said...

Patti! You are so generouse to share this! I am going to make this for my nephew as part of his wedding present.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your tutorial to make these fab cards!
Sheri in BC, Canada

Liam said...

Thank you for a very simplistic tutorial for the cake box. I will definitely try this one. I have to admit I was trying to work it out measurements myself but gave up but with this tutorial it will definitely make it easier for me to try doing one. thanks again.


Kwebbel said...

Hallo Patti
thank you for this beautiful and great idea.
I have made one - take a look on my blog!
Greetings from a rainy Germany