Friday, April 4, 2014

Finally - Cards from the La-la Land Craft Workshop

So we are at the finish line for those projects from the La-la Land 2 day Craft Workshop.  Yup, today's post will have projects 12, 13, 14, 15...............and that will be it..........whew! That's a whole bunch of projects to make but also lots of works for the La-la Land Team, too to co-ordinate.  THANK YOU!!!! These projects today will be cards that are elegant and easy to duplicate for any occasion.  And as previously mentioned in all the posts relating to the La-la Land 2 day Craft Workshop, all dies and stamps can be found in the La-la Land Craft Store. First up:  since I love Gold Metallic, here's a card that has it all. I am not certain if there was suppose to be some adhesive gold pearl but I left them off for now since i completed this card after the event.  Card size is 6" x 6".  Can you guess........?......there are 8 layers on top of the base card. I actually had to take the card apart because my original foam squares were a bit too high!!! Look what some Vanilla a Gold Metallic paper will produce!  I stamped a "Thank You" message on the Folding Banner.
 Here's another view: In each corner are Heart Ribbon Corners..
After die cutting the Heart Ribbon Corners, why not use them for the card inside. And, again, the card inside is double matted.
Project 13: a 5" x 5" card again, with multi layers.  This one used a paper doily along with the Butterfly Die and Gold adhesive pearls.
The center image is a Rub on - so easy to dislodge from the acetate..........very cool image.
Card inside - why not use the hearts from the Butterfly Die for the inside bottom corner.
These next two cards are not the expected size for a card. This one is 8" x 3" (which can fit into a legal envelope).  There's lots of matting here, too. The base card, then another Vanilla mat and each image has a Vanilla mat along with a light shade of grey mat, and then a grey mat. The decorative image is a rub on that fits perfectly into this Vanilla square.  have you lost count?  There are 5 layers total on top of the base card. Love those gold Butterflies with the Rolled Roses.
 The left square:
 The center square:
 Only the center square is popped with foam squares.
 The right square: notice each rub on is a different image.
 Card inside utilizing the fall outs from the Butterfly die:
 Last and final project: this elegant monochromatic white on white  7-1/4" x 5-1/4" card. A  special envelope will be needed for this card since those wings sticking outside the card.  The front of the card is double matted. The Oval is also double matted and popped with foam squares.
A closer look to see the adhesive pearls on the Heart Ribbon Corner and also on the Filigree Crown. The Wings have been die cut a couple times and glued together so they a e pretty sturdy even though they stick out  beyond the card base. Notice the Filigree Crown and Wings are sitting on top of the Heart Doily.  All these dies can be found here
The bottom of the card also has the adhesive pearls on the Heart Ribbon Corner, too
The Folding Banner is left blank - a message will be stamped later.
I don't know about you but I am exhausted with all these projects. They are not the least simple nor lacking any interest. Hats off to Irina of La-la Land for creating such fun projects for all of us to make during the 2 day Craft Workshop.  All these project certainly challenged us.  We all got through them (I think) and we definitely all enjoyed the event so when you see an invitation for an open event from La-la Land, ya better snag it up right away or you will be missing out on the fun. I think I had way too much fun....................


Jan Castle said...

Nice cards Patti!!!

eunice said...

WOW! Irina really had you all very busy! Can't believe so many projects were created in just two days! That's months worth of creating for me. All of the projects turned out fabulous, Patti! You're so lucky to live close enough to participate in these amazing workshops!