Thursday, February 6, 2014

Personalized Altoid Treat Box

A quick post.
I had been wanting to make these customized Altoid boxes for a while but never found time - the opportunity came up where I was able to makes these cute personalized Altoid boxes using photos for the top to give for the holidays.  LOVE this! Am happy with the results and a great gift for anyone to store anything. One Altoid box was made using an initial.  So the possibilities are endless with this the way, the Altoid box template is a cut file which can be found on the Silhouette on line THAT even makes it easier to cut (and the pieces fit perfect and plan the paper for this box.  Once cut, it is a snap to finish. Sticky tape is used for all the pieces.  I was able to make a template for the photo to cut the exact shape for the top cover and mat.
Here's the inside of the box which is covered......nice finish, eh?
Thanks for coming to visit today.............................hope this will inspire you ti make some of these boxes.


Jan said...

You do such cute projects Patti!!!

eunice said...

Wow these are NEAT! Great idea to add the photos...any mom would LOVE to have these.