Tuesday, February 11, 2014

CHA - Art Impression Make & Takes

Some very cute stamps and card styles to share from the Art Impression booth. Their stamps can be found here. There are also tutorials for you to enjoy, too

Make and takes from CHA as follows: Bear Hug stamp set found here.

It has one of those shake mechanism................
Love this style of card.  They even printed their own paper.  I added the orange punched edge with ribbon and the circle around the rabbit hole. Mini Front and Back stamps sets found here for both the Bunny and Duck. The circle for the bunny hole is 1-1/2".
Card inside with Bunny back:
Closer look at the bunny back:
Now here is the Duck: Punched square is a 1-1/4" opening. I added the contrast green card stock and grosgrain ribbon.
Card inside
A closer look at the Duck back:
Instead of discarding the punched square (from the front), I used it for the inside and also added a contrast green card stock behind the message.
Aren't these the cutest cards?


Jan Castle said...

These are adorable!!!

seau said...

These are so cute, I'm going to have to get a couple of these stamps, tfs.

eunice said...

Wow, Art Impression is still around? Cute cards and such adorable stamps! Love that they do the front and back views...wish more companies would do the same!