Friday, July 26, 2013

More Birthday Surprises

OK - my friends KNOW my absolute favorite color is RED so I usually get things in that color.  Of  course I got this red Bag from one of my creative friends: Gail W. with a terrific hand made tag using my favorite paper from My Little Shoe Box. inside the bag was a beautiful orchid plant (OMG - I hope I don't kill it) in a red ceramic pot.  This little Washi goodie bag contained some fabulous teas and a notebook - soo cute.
Want to see the tag closer up? see............cute, eh?
Now this gift is from another creative pal: Jackie C. I absolutely LOVE the Kawaii bag with those funny cups. Inside is a cute personally packaged coffee ensemble.  A hand made gift tag and gift card holder - LOVE this!!!!! I don't want to take it apart but I have to in order to spend the gift card.
Here's a closer look at the hand made tag and that gorgeous cup charm hanging with the that charm!!!!!

Oh - it was such a beautiful celebration with my friends.  This was a very memorable event.
Thank you Gail and Jackie for a wonderful time.


Anonymous said...

I am getting the feeling, Patti, that it's your birthday. Happy Birthday!

Karen L

Jan Castle said...

Of course it is always time to celebrate your birthday...happy you enjoyed yours!!!
Paper Hugs,

eunice said...

Aww...nothing better than handmade gifts from the heart, and friends to celebrate your special day with!