Monday, July 22, 2013

Hit the Wave B'day card

OK - this birthday card I received has to be car-razy GREAT. I got this card from my friend Kris G. This gal's creativity totally blew my socks off with this card. She knows how I love a 3D card.............well, wait 'til you see this one. This is the card flat..............card size is 6" x 8-1/4". Pretty large and impressive, too. I love the solid paper she used: sparkly and edges are sponged to give lots of character. Those Penguins are sure having lots of fun surfin the high waves.
Pull open the front Penguin panel holding the surf board to reveal two other Penguins: one is riding the surf board on the wave and one sitting on the board.........the action is so cool!!! It totally surprised me!
So here are the Penguins:
 Love this computer generated message:
 Side view of card:
Can you figure out how this card was made?  Crazy, eh? This is the piece that swings out for that WOW factor!
Didn't Kris do a great job?  I love the colors used. I also found out the paper used is digital!!!! Can you believe that?  No wonder  - I could never find "wave-like" paper anywhere. Geeze..............


Anonymous said...

What a fun card! Love those cute penguins. Action cards are my favorites.
I think I've seen Kris G's creations on Eunice's site.Very creative lady.
Would like to know how she made this one. Will you be doing a tutorial? Does Kris have a website?

Creations by Patti said...

Unfortunately, Kris does not have a blog (she should, eh?). Unfortunatly, there will not be a tutorial for this car-razy card. Maybe if I ever figure it out? Thank you for your interest.

Gwen said...

This is an amazing card, your friend did a great job, so cute!!!!

Jan Castle said...

Really is a cute card...lucky you!

Silvia said...

This is fantastic!! I love motion cards and hope you decide to do a tutorial!! Thanks for all you share!

eunice said...

CA-RAZY!!!! LOL! Kris told me about this fab card, but I had no idea how AMAZING this really was. LOVE those action cards too! Maybe we can convince Kris to do a guest spot on your blog with a tute!

Creations by Patti said...

Eunice - WHAT a great idea. You can convince Kris to do a tutorial and I will fly over the moon with happiness!!!!!