Friday, October 29, 2010

Wedding Album for a Friend

Hello..........a wedding album made for a friend. I love how it turned out. The "Happily Ever After Mini Album" instructions were purchased from Laura aka . Sigh.......I had every intention of making this album in plenty of time but at the eleventh still turned out GREAT! I did tweak the cover and made some changes from Laura's original design - hope she is OK with that. Here goes (lots of photos) so grab a beverage and album size 6-1/2" x 7-1/2" x 2-1/2"............first up: Tie the Knot Simply Scrappin paper (retired SU) was used throughout the album. The cover with a string of pearls and a simple message at the corner.

Left photo: overview
Right photo: side rings decorated with various tied ribbons and a special metal embellishment

Left photo: album back
Right photo: view of inside pages (there are a total of 7 pages)

Left photo: inside front cover, a tag made from the invitation, The first page for the bride & groom's photo
Right photo: turn page over to reveal the veil to hold the bride's photo and the left side is for the brides train. The train is decorated using a elaborate die cut with adhesive pearls.

Left photo: pull down each section of the train to place photos on the oval mats
Right photo: turn page to see the ring page and the Groom's page

Left photo: inside the ring page, a tri-fold card for photos and journaling. Inside the Groom's vest shows the shirt which can be pulled out for a photo, tucked in the cumberbund is another photo mat
Right photo: tucked into both sides of the pockets are photo mats for the Maid of Honor and Best man.

Left photo: a basket with little mats for the brides attendants and a garter on the left side along with a photo mat for the Groom's attendants
Right photo: shows the inserts taken out from the pockets

Left photo: closer view of the garter
Right photo: the cake and the toasting page
Left photo: closer view of the cake
Right photo: closer view of the tasting glasses: metal embellishments on the glasses on the gate fold page

Left photo: Cake holds 3 tags, each stamps with special messages. Open the gate fold to reveal sections for additional areas for tasting photos
Right photo: turn the page to reveal pages for the reception photos

Left photo: pull out the tri-fold photo mats on each side to hold reception photos
Right photo: A mat for the new couple on the back of the last page. The back cover page has a pocket containing a tag.

Of course, then a bag had to be made to hold the album: a Kraft bag with some of the "Tie the Knot" stickers. Ticked inside the bag with tissue (finally) is the album................
Thank you for stopping by today.............I hope you enjoyed this post.
Have a great weekend!!!


Terry Molineux said...


OMGosh that is simply amazing, awesome, gorgeous, exquisite and wish I was the recipient....You are truly a gift crafter. What an amazing have to let us know what the bride and groom think? This was a gift or you were hired to make it???

Diana Ball-Seitz said...

Wow, wow, wow. always! Diana

Elin K. said...

Amazing, Patti! It came out so beautifully and I know they will love it. :)

nancystamps4u said...

Absolutely amazing! You are such an inspiration.

Kathy Yip said...

One word... BEU-TEE-FUL!!!!

Anonymous said...

Have never seen such a gorgeous and detailed album.
You've covered everything beautifully - this is a treasure.

PJ(Jessie Adams)

Aluna said...

Beautiful, wonderful and more... more... You have amazing ideas!!! :)

Christina Granucci said...

OK Patti, just how long did this take you? It is just beautiful! (I really want to know!)

scrappingnana said...

Wow, this is awesome. Lovely work and what great detail. A truly amazing gift. Thank you for sharing.

Creations by Patti said...

Hi Everyone,

THANK YOU all for your comments. It took me about 10 hours from start to finish to complete the album. I did have all the necessary embellishments handy and ready to go with some that parts still to "cut" gathered in my project box. Following the instructions along with Laura's Ustream video was really helpful, too. (THANK YOU, Laura). It was very satisfying to complete this amazing project. I was not comissioned to make this album - it is a custom gift for a dear friend. Her wedding invitation matched the color of the scrap book papers used. So everything worked out perfectly. Thanks again!
my best,

Helen said...

OMG! Patti! This is a master piece. Look at all the details! Phew!!!

Lorri said...

Oh my gosh, Patti, this is absolutely breath taking!!! I can't even imagine the HOURS/DAYS/WEEKS that went into this! Great job, what a blessed recipient!

Christine Peterson said...

Wow! Your work is beautiful! I love the colors you used! As always, I love visiting your blog!

Maggie said...

Wow! This album is gorgeous! What a wonderful gift.

SgB said...

This is beautiful. I wish I could have one

Annie said...

WOW!!! is all I have to say.

Felicity said...

OMG!!! Simply stunning and soooooo creative Patti, what a wonderful gift. I would have cried I think if someone gave this to me :)

Gaby said...

Hi Patti,
I really adore your creations. You are so creative.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Oh....and I've added you to my blog-list. I hope you don't mind.

Happy Halloween!

eunice said...

Absolutely beautiful, Patti. I clicked on your photos of every page you created so I could get an up close view and see all the wonderful intricate details. This is an album that will undoubtedly be cherished and treasured!

Corinne said...

mon dieu!!!que c'est splendide
bises de la France

Jacqui said...

That is very very nice. I'm sure your friend was astonished. GREAT JOB!

Liam said...

This is amazing. All that detail just beautiful. The person receiving it will love it. Where do you find the time. Love it.