Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wedding Take Out Favor Boxes

Updated 8/21/09 added photo and additional comments: photo of boxes assembled below. Yes, each of the boxes had to be cut out one by one. There is a take out box die but the size was too large. Inside the boxes revealed a forune cookie with a surprise message from the Bride and Groom: "Mike & Laura, August 19, 2009"
Here's all the handles in piles of 10:

To make the handles uniformly, my DH (darling honey) made a template to wrap the 20 gauge wires:

Yup, these puppies were from an old fashion plastic template (remember those?). The template is a "PSX 1998" and is quite old. Thank goodness for Fed EX Office where 165 copies were printed pretty quickly on red card stock.

After printed, I made a postion template to stamp the Double Happiness. Cut them, punched the hole for the handles, and turned them over to mark the score lines scored. Last step: apply the sticky tape to assemble.

Here are some of the completed embossing:

Here's the pile of cut, punched, embossed, scored take out boxes.

added photo below: And here are the boxes all assembled - ready for their cookie.
  • Stamp: Asian Image Double Happiness
  • CS: Real Red
  • Ink: Versamark
  • Accys: 1/8" Circle long reach Punch, Craft Knife, Sticky Tape, 20 gauge Gold Wire.

Thank you for stopping by..........more wedding stuff tom...........so stay tuned.


Nadya 's World!!! said...

WOW! I can't wait to see them all put together... :) or are they going to do that at the wedding? :) Great job for making so many of them.

Betty T said...

Oh my goodness! Did you hand cut ALL of those boxes??? Amazing!

Claudia said...

you didn't really cut each one by hand did you??? why didn't you use a die?

JenniferCR said...

OMG! How awesome are these?!!! Did you actually make all of the cuts by yourself? You are simply amazing! You creativity and your husband's awesome template does wonders in getting the wheels in my head rolling! Thanks for sharing all of these great projects! I look forward to reading your blog everyday (well, almost everyday...as computer time allows, lol)!

Your Minnesota friend...


Going with the Flow By Renee said...

That is a lot of work! Isn't it great to have a hubby to help out? Mine is there for me too. I don't know what I would do without him! You are amazing - thanks for always sharing! Renee Winch

DeeDee said...

wow...veruy cool..but yes lots of work...I have a few of those old templates...

Anonymous said...

Your projects are so inspirational i like their naetness and colors
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