Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting Organized

I participated in Designer Paper weeks ago! Look at the amount of papers I got from submitting 2 sets Designer Paper. I almost have all of them in the actual size and color. These are a great business tool to show both to customers as well as to co-ordinate with stamp sets. I finally found something to showcase them. I found a generic plastic 4x6 photo container which also came with it's own plastic photo case - the best part? $1.50 for both the album and case! They're from a Japanese store called "Daiso" in Daly City, California. Each photo album has 60 pages. A label maker was used to identify each album. I'll change out the designer papers when new ones come out later. I love being organized.

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Anonymous said...

this is so lovely...i might have to do the same. thanks for sharing this organization. I like to organize stuff and would love to find other ways to do it...this is definitely a good way to do it. TFS