Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Mushu Wontons and Goofy's Pizza Recipes

A recipe kit from These two recipe pages can be ordered on line and shipped to you. This kit is from their December 2014 group. Finished page is 8" x 8". There is a signature 1/8" wide gold glitter strip across the paper.  The recipe is lightly sponged using brown ink. I love the metallic rust paper used for this page along with the printed bamboo paper which is perfect for this theme. 
Here's a closer look at Mushu:
More details on Mushu: "Dots" on him and the bowl of wontons by using a black pen.
Here's Goofy being goofy (and sleepy): There is a 1/8" strip of rust glitter across the paper. The recipe is lightly sponged using brown ink.
A closer look at Goofy (wearing his bunny slippers):
His pajamas are embellished using "dots" made by a black pen.
Thank you for stopping by today to visit....stay tuned for more fun recipe pages.


koala said...

Hello dear, what a SUPER FUN Recipes !!! Wow, wow, wow, I know you are great crafter, and I am always very impressed your beautiful work and you are very creative and have lots of talent !!! I am sorry, i had not been here for a long time. Actually I have been working so harder for swim exercise every morning. And not so much for crafting lately. But now you inspired me again, I miss my crafting !!! I have not worked many LLLC club kits yet, either. I really need to catch up those projects also !!! Always I LOVE your creation !!! Please keep enjoying !!! (^o^)/"""

Gwen said...

So awesome!!