Friday, April 10, 2015

Lilo's Hawaiian Chicken and Goofy Cracker Jack Cookie Recipe

This is a kit from These two recipe pages  can be ordered on line and they will be shipped to you. This kit is from their September  2014 group. Finished page is 8" x 8". There is the signature 1/8" wide silver glitter strip down the left side of the paper. Love that the paper used goes together with the theme of this recipe.
Here's a closer look at Lilo:
For Goofy's Cracker Jack Cookies, kinda mis-leading but no crackerjacks are used. I made this recipe for a Christmas Cookie swap and they were delicious.  Signature 1/8" Silver glitter down the page.
A closer look at Goofy here: Black "dots" are added to the cap and his sleeve using a black pen
His bat is lightly sponged using brown ink, then black "dots" added for more interest.
Here's the tread stripes added to Goofy's shoe and "dotted" texture to his clothes.
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