Friday, October 24, 2014

La-la Land Marci Charm Bracelets

Are you ready for this?  These are very special "thank you" gifts for the teachers and Irina (owner of La-la Land Crafts).  The logo is from the 2013 Craft Retreat.  These were given to them on October 24th at the 2014 Craft Retreat. They are decorated Altoid tins.  The template to decorate these tins are from the on line Silhouette Store. Makes it soooo easy to assemble. The colors are from the Goody Bag received from the 2013 Craft really looks great even though I had to take a photo of the bag front.
 Here's a side view of the decorated tin:
 I decided to "print and cut" the teacher's names for the inside cover using the font on my computer and the Silhouette. The inside bottom and sides of the tin are also covered using card stock.  Shown in the photo is tissue because there is a surprise inside...........
Revealing the contents once the tissue is unwrapped is......................
 A charm bracelet: this specific charm bracelet is for Irina (owner of La-la Land Crafts) which has twelve charms.  It is a combination of images from each of the teachers own bracelets along with a couple of her favorite images and early designed images. For each teacher (La-la Land Design Team Leaders), the question was asked what images are the top eight from La-la Land Crafts so that means, their bracelets have their favorite images which they had shown, at one time, on their blog. Design Team Leaders and their blog sites are:
Here's a closer look at the charms:  The Silver coated bracelet and components can be purchased from Craft Fantastic which can be found here.  The "trays" that hold the images are 1" in square and round shapes. The domes are made of glass which is great so they will not turn yellow (like plastic) over time.  The images were copied from the blog site and pasted onto a word document, re sized, printed, then placed into the trays.
 Here are more images of the charms:
I really enjoyed making this project knowing it was personalized for each teacher.  Note these type of bracelets can be made using family photos, best friends photos, pets many possibilities.


Gina Taylor said... very adorable and what a beautiful job you did on each bracelet.

Jan Castle said...

These are sooooo cute Patti....BUT the best is the fact that I received this through my e-mail after soooooo many months of nothing!!! Your nephew must have visited again....thank him for me! AND, I can leave a comment Woo Hoo!

eunice said...

OMG!!!! At first I thought your Altoid tins were so precious... but when I scrolled down a bit to see the bracelets....WOW!!! I can just imagine the excitement when the LaLa Land team opened their tins to find such a treasure. What a wonderful and fabulous keepsake gift, Patti. You really outdid yourself with these!

Deborah Johnson said...

So cute and what an awesome thank you for the ladies.

Debbie Pamment said...

I still can't believe you took time to make these for us - they are such a truly amazing and personal gift and one I will treasure for a long, long time. Thank you soooo very much.
Lotsaluv ME!