Friday, June 27, 2014

Update Blog Posts

Hello Everyone,

I have a question to throwout to the Blog world. I have asked the Blog Help desk but their answer to my issue makes no sense and I am wondering what others have experenced lately.

Some of you have mentioned the blog posts have not been sent to your e-mail address notifying of the blog post.  I have not changed anything on my blog settings at all. Apparently, it has been several weeks since this had been happening..........i am so sorry for this issue.

Does anyone with some knowledge about blogger know how to remedy this issue?  I would really appreciate the information about this.

For those who are receiving my blog updates, thank you for your visit. I will continue to posts my projects at least 3 times a week.

thank you so much for your help

my best, Patti


Kim's Life said...

I still get your emails! Love your work!

Gina Taylor said...

This happens to me with all my 'subscribed to' blogs at one time or another. It's not the bloggers fault, they (you) do not know), it's up to the receiver to go back in and subscribe again. Fabulous projects for the movie and the birthday. You are the most talented artist I know. Stay calm and create on! hugs.