Monday, July 16, 2012

Shadow Box Birthday Card

OMG - are you all going to be soooo jealous or WHAT?  Well, I would be if I saw this somewhere.  These from the well known and creative Eunice who has a blog:  A Star for Chiemi. You've got to check out her blog for such creative projects that will just amaze you enough to fall off your chair!!!  There are far more details on her blog today.  I got all these in the mail for my birthday: Washi.......ooooh! Love them. A handmade gift box with a Washi Lid. And, of course a fabulous gift purse with a 3D Panda!!!
Here's a closer look at the Japanese Gold Mizuhki Cord decoration on top of the gotta learn how to make these.
The fabulous gift purse: inside some Hawaiian Crispi............yummy.
And here is the handmade box: inside: wow - a handmade punch card so I know what small punches I have .......too professional!!!!
 See the punches all tucked into a perfectly made container!

Now there's  one more surprise: a card. And, don't you just love the packaging, too? The card is inside a handmade envelope.  Vellum Card Stock protects the card. I love the belly band with the punched decoration.
Here's detail of the cut Gold Red Phoenix: how did she even do that?
I absolutely LOVED EVERYTHING I got - now wouldn't you? I can't thank Eunice enough for making my day extremely enjoyable last week.


Norine said...

Wow! Amazing!

Jan Castle said...

Way to go Eunice...and Patti, I KNOW you enjoyed all the goodies!

plastic cards printing said...

You have outdone yourself once again! This is a masterpiece and a perfect thank you to Brother. He is a lucky Brother to be getting this and I’m sure he knows it.

Cards for Everyone said...

Cool golden bow! :) Everything looks pretty in red—especially with the cute panda bear. Lucky you!