Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Cameo is HERE

Update in the PM: if you haven't heard, the Cameo is on sale (again) on OMC (Oh my Crafts........) for 25% off, free shipping which brings it down to about $203...........if you are thinking about it and want to get your own holiday present.....go for it............I've seen a few people who have provided nice reviews on this machine (thankg oodness).

Look what the UPS Man brought me finally arrived!!!!
It's my Silhouette Cameo..............Yippee...........Yippee.....Yipee......even the box is gorgeous! Hey, what's that cool green 3D box? I'm going to have to find that cut file in the Silhouette Store.
Look at my Cameo next to my Expression........Cameo is much more sleek and cool. Ooops, I forgot to put a big RED BOW on it - it's my Christmas present to me!!!! Everyone should have one!!!

Here's a side view - they are both the same length but there is a height difference...........

Hmmm...............I am itching to get my red spray can out to glam it up......well, maybe I will wait a bit before I do a red color not brave enough yet to do it.

I can't wait to start cutting my SVG cut files using the Silhouette Cameo. I've updated my SCAL 2 (Sure Cuts a Lot program) to SCAL3 to use the Cameo and it is now ready to go................testing to start!!! Have you gotten your Silhouette Cameo yet? So far, I am not disappointed. It is very exciting that I can put away my chunky Expression................


Sandra said...

have fun! keep us posted on your progress with your new toy - I think when I buy an electronic cutting machine, this is the one I want.
Sandra ltb

Robin's Creative Cottage said...

I can't wait to see you use this machine... I've been thinking about getting this too, maybe you will convince me. :)

Have you been using just your cricut machine to cut your SVG files? That's all I have right now.

Jan Castle said...

Hi Patti,
STILL have not loaded my SCAL software. Heard that when you upgrade your Cricut software on-line you can no longer use your SCAL you know is this true? I'm thinking I might just look into the I recall you do not have to use cartridges???
Paper Hugs,
Jan Castle

Barbara said...

So glad to see you have crossed over into cutting heaven! No cartridges, great software, greatest customer service techs; everything you can dream of you get with a Cameo! Learn more about it where over 1800 cutting crafters meet and learn! We'd love to see you there! We troubleshoot, answer questions, and give away freebies! (It's where ALL former bug owners come to expand their creativity!)

Sue from Oregon said...

I got one too, but still waiting for it to arrive! I am keeping my SCAL 2 for my Cricut. Do I really need SCAL 3 for the Cameo?