Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tag Box Instructions

See my post for the Love tag boxes on 1/23/09 and Baby tag boxes on 1/22/09.
Start with (4) tags. Each will measure 2"X4-1/4". Score each at 1,3. Use Tag Corner punch on each tag (as shown).

The photo below will show the 4 tags needed to complete the project. I've used different colors for this tutorial.

Stack all 4 tags on top of each other. Use the Crop-o-dile (1/8") to punch through all layers: 1/4" from the top, centered on tag
THIS is a good time to stamp your tag box.
Place tag #1 and tag #2 bottoms next to each other. Use sticky tape as shown to secure.

Remove sticky tape. Place tag #3 and Tag #4 on top of tag #1 and tag #2 as shown.

Fold up flaps. Your tag box should now look the photo below.

Cut a ribbon 7" long, fold in half and knot. Thread through to the top of tag (knot should be inside) and continue to thread ribbon through tag tops as shown.

Finished tag box below. Each side of box should be 2".

If there are any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.
Thank you for stopping by today. I would love to see what you made!


jmniffer said...

Thanks for the tutorial...you did a great job anticipating my questions. I can't wait to give these a try. jmniffer

Anonymous said...

YOU ROCK!....I'll can't wait to try this!

Dulce said...

Hi, congratulations for your beatufil projects and great tutorials. I have a a question: how can I make a cube box in just 1 piece? Thank you.

Dulce said...

Hi, it's me again, how can I enlarge this pattern in order to get a larger box? Thank you!

Creations by Patti said...

Hi Dulce,
Note sure how to contact you. I made this box to save paper. If a box is made in 1 pcs of paper, more would be used but can be done. I am posting a box on Wednesday so stay tuned. The size will be 1-1/2 all around and WILL be 1 piece. If you want to enlarge this box the measurements need to be the same for the middle section, the bottom needs to be half the measurement, and top needs to be whatever you select + 1/4" to allow for the overlap. Hope this makes sense. If not email me. Patti

Dulce said...

Thanks, I'll try that.