Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Decoration Finale

Right outside the dining room, in a corner before entering the living room is this little display of bears sitting on an antique Chinese Wedding Cake box.
This wreath is hung above the living room fireplace. Of course, it is decorated with Steiff Bears - what else?
On the coffee table sits a felt "tray" of assorted small 3" bears that were collected throughout the years.
In one corner of the living room, the top of a chest id decorated with both old and contemporary beats..........of course.
Then, there is this 2nd (of 3) 3 foot Bear Trees sitting on a table with guess what: another dessert stand (even though it looks like a peppermint).
This is the 3rd three foot Bear Tree and sits in the living room behind one of the couches. There are a variety of old and new bears.
Ahhh...........finally - the TREE! Before entering theliving room, there is a arch of bears. The tree is 10-1/2 feet tall.....and Yes, that is Muffy Angel Bear at the very top. The tree has over 1,200 mini multi color lights and over 800 ornaments of which 80% are guess what! bears! Yes.........most I had made and some store bought and some were gifts. The tree was decorated with mini multi colored lights at Thanksgiving. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the magic of tree transformation happens. It takes 4-1/2 hours to completely decorate this tree and every available branch and limb has an ornament. I am proud to present this to the family every year.
Here is a close-up of the tree with the bears. See the white color "door" - this ornament signifies when we bought the house so it always is hung front and center of the tree.
It is truly a BEARY CHRISTMAS every year. The house throughout has bear decor............I have lost count of how many bears there are. They will go into hibernation after the holidays. I hope you have enjoyed these photos.
Thank you for stopping by on Christmas..........I hope you all had fun today!


Shirley said...

I Love Teddy Bears, and your collection is awesome

Pattyjo said...

Wow! I crochet tiny tiny bears. My smallest is 1". I love your tree and the way you decorate!