Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Poker Themed Birthday Party

A milestone birthday recently celebrated. Posts here are for the table center pieces, party favors and banner. Actual playing cards were mostly used for the items. Pictured here is the table center piece. The holder is a black gift wrapping covered Kraft box.Each side has a red mat with computer generated card paper found on Etsy.  Fill the box with Styrofoam, cover with black card stock, then a bunch of red shreds.  Each of the card suits (cut out using my Silhouette) are held using those clear flower message holders.  Each table had a different set of winning hands. It was a great celebration.
Here's a closer look at the main centerpiece with another different hand. The "70" is computer generated, then cut using my Silhouette.
The party favor: a box made using black card stock, red mat, and computer generated paper from Etsy. The "thank you" circle embellishment is also a purchase from Etsy.
Inside the box fit: a set of Peppermint Pattie "chips" and a card box containing poker wrapped Hershey Chocolates, The "chips" are computer generated. There is a piece of Peppermint Pattie in between.  The card box is made using white card stock and two actual playing cards (one for the front and one for the back).
Here's how each table is decorated: randomly placed cards used as "sprinkles".
The banner: It ended up to be larger than expected since each letter was 8" x 10".  Simply use black and white card stock. Cut each letter and card suit using the Silhouette.
Here's a closer look at the smaller size card that separates the phrases:
Here's what's inside the card box: Chocolate wrapped Hershey Nuggets
Thank you for stopping by to visit. Have a crafty day.


Deeann said...

Love this!

william said...

wow! i love this poker themed birthday party. i like it the designs and its color very impressive
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