Friday, July 28, 2017

Monstera Pillar Candle Wrap and Cake Topper

This is the last Hawaiian Wedding post.  The center pieces are glass with Monstera leaves made from card stock wrapped around.  This was a cut file found in the Silhouette Store. Inside the glass cylinder is a timed LED candle.  Height is approximately 11-1/2" tall.
Here's the cylinder on the guest tables:
As a surprise to the bride, this cake topper was custom made (it matched the Sandcastle previously posted).  All images were using the Silhouette. So cute!!!  The "Mr. & Mrs." are made using gold card stock, adhered to a smaller leaf, then attached on the jute string with mini clothes pins.  Each of the images are secured with wooden skewers.
A simple wedding cake with the cake topper.
Another surprise for the bride: the cake stand rim is decorated with linked Monstera leaves.
Thank you so much for reading through all these Wedding projects. It was quite a delightful memory to be had.  I loved being part of this special moment and enjoyed the challenge to create the decor for the special wedding and the special couple.  I hope you will be inspired to create something special for your someone sometime, too.


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