Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Asian Pop-Up and Panda Gift Card

Always happy to be receiving parcels in the mail - especially from my friend Eunice (her blog called A Star for Chiemi found here).  Love to get her one of a kind creations made from scratch.  It always brightens up my day. Shown here are two of the various items sent in a special surprise package.  See further below for descriptions.
This cute panda is made using that shimmer card stock.
Open his arms that were tucked underneath the heart:
Flip that heart flap down to reveal the message:
The flipped down section is a pocket which holds a gift how cool is that?
This second package is a special made envelope.
Open the envelope to pull out a vellum wrapped card:
Card is made using shimmer card stock with printed Washi paper for her this me?
Open the card.......... but wait.........wait for it.................
Card fully opened to reveal a great pop-up surprise of sakura wishes:
A close-up of the pop-up:
Card inside top is decorated using Cricut Pagoda cartridge:
Side view of card:
Isn't this a wonderful card? I think you would agree.................


Jan Castle said...

Totally AWESOME Patti!!!
Paper Hugs,

Shelly Schmidt said...

How very lucky you are-loving both of these cute projects- and Happy Birthday!!!

Linda said...

Beautiful and creative! :)

Lori Nasu said...

Wow! Those are awesome!! Happy birthday Patti!!