Monday, June 20, 2016

Mountain Apple Blossom Lei

This Lei is named: Mountain Apple Blossom.  Colors selected are original colors. This lei uses a Variegated pink stripe ribbon cut to a point for the inside, rolled, then wrapped with a multi metallic sheer ribbon.  The smaller green leaf sections are 5/8" wide ribbon.  The larger green leaves are using a 7/8" wide solid bright green satin ribbon wrapped in a 7/8" wide metallic green ribbon. Finished lei length is 42". Flower colors can easily be changed.

If you wish to make one,  instructions can be found when you visit the island of Hawaii (Oahu) - refer to the name of this lei for instructions and their specialty ribbons.  Check out the retail store and schedule lessons at U'I Mau A Mau LLC.  They do have a website: There are many types of lei samples on their site but in person hands on instructions are a must in order to complete the first lei.  But if you can't make it to the Island and live on the West Coast, contact  Chris Tanizawa at for FREE lei making classes in Union City, California. She has various lei kits for purchase and has a schedule for her classes but will not have this specific lei style.
 Here's the bunch:
 A Closer look:
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Jan Castle said...

Patti, this is GORGEOUS!!!! But then, all the leis you are making are beyond belief!!!
Paper Hugs,

koala said...

What a LOVELY Lei !!! I have been catching up your blog, what a beautiful work these leis !!! So lovely colors !!!

Anonymous said...

Patti...You are so talented in all of your crafts.
The lei is awesome as well as the other ones you
have made. Such talent!!

eunice said...

The patience you have to cut each of the individual leaves and petals for each of these leis and then to sew them together so meticulously is just astounding! All of the leis you have shared are fabulously beautiful and awesome, just like everything else you craft!

Nan Martin said...

Do you seal pattern books for Lei ?
of so how do I buy one Thanks Nancy