Friday, September 19, 2014

Retro Pay Phone Treat Box

Can you believe this is made completely out of paper?  Well, it is.  The inspiration and instructions for this project can be found at my favorite SVG site here. It is made by one of their designers: Chantel Schroeder. Complete specific details and many SVG collections were used to make this project. This finished project measures 14-1/2" tall with a 5-1/2" base, 7-1/2" wide to include the handset on the side.  The paper is from Color Box Shiny Black (which is quite sturdy and thick - perfect for this project). Metallic Silver card stock is from Recollections. The handset is using mat black card stock from Recollections , then trimmed with the Color Box Shiny Black
On the top of the phone are the coin slots.  I actually re-created this part of the phone since this project was already getting pretty large.  This is now 1-1/2" high (instead of 3" high).  The monetary slots are computer generated, printed on white card stock.  In order to make the "cents"........type in a "c", the use a pen the make that vertical line..........easy! The original insntructions have this as another box.  This one is non-functional - just decorative.
The dial is made by layering the cut circles.  The individual numbers with the alphabets are computer generated on white card stock, then punched out. Add an adhesive Black Rhinestone in the center OR the person's phone number.
Side view showing the handset and phone holder.  The phone hook is made 3-1/2" long (a "U") which is shorter than the original instructions -  to me, it looks good this way. And, the coil is made using 1/4" black grosgrain ribbon, wrapping it around a 3/4" wooden dowel, baked in the oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes - perfect coils!!!!
 Here's the bottom section: This base was reduced to 2-1/2" high.
 The lid is removable:
Revealing a bag full of treat crackers inside this treat tower. The treat tower was also shortened one inch from the original instructions.:
The bottom has a pull out opening that contains chocolates (in fact, it took two full bags to fill this treat area).   Bottom of the opening needed to be re-enforced with a strip of card stock on the outside and well as the inside to avoid tearing with the continued opening and closing.
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