Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bird Song Tag Holder Swap

Here's a project that I received from my friend: Jan Castle.  She is a fabulous crafter and has creative ideas. I love what she did to the Graphic 45 Bird Song papers.  Original tag holder project had some closing issues that needed to be resolved - this task was handed  over to me as I love a challenge.  Jan made and embellished all the tags.  I added the Black and Green rayon ribbon. This revamped project is now a tag book.  The front cover is what was received from Jan. However, I needed to extend the cover to be 6x6 in order for her neck not to collapse and be bent. This was done by adding another 1-1/4" panel with some of the same decorative Graphic 45 paper.  This added boarder blended in well. To accommodate the tags, the book needed to be 3/4" thick with graduating tag flag attachments.
Here's the Geisha cut out with some black edging, then adhered to some light chipboard. her Obi and hair ornaments have some glittery Stickles which do not show up in the photo. In addition, there are smatterings of Glossy Accents throughout - on the cover, it is on the small birdie (not in this photo).
And, are these the smallest black rhinestones on the corners of this embellishment or what?
Overview of the book:
Open to reveal inside cover has a "wall hanging" which is backed with some light chipboard (instead of foam squares). Because Jan uses a Gold Krylon Pen to outline cut edges, the wall hanging is using this technique and looks great! Star Dust Stickles and Glossy Accents used on the wall hanging to keep the same "theme" throughout this project. On the face page is the first tag inserted into a "flag" type binding (yes, that means I had to peel back the tag layers to insert the flag).
Here's a closer look at the tag.  Some Stickles on the wall painting and on her dress. Those birdies have Glossy Accents (of course).  She is ever so slight propped up with foam squares.
On the backside of the first tag: another Asian beauty from the Graphic 45 Bird Song Collection.  Some foam squares ever so slightly pop her up,  And, Of course, Stickles on the flowers.
The second Tag: A framed Asian Beauty. 
Some Stickles on her dress.  Gold Krylon Pen used around her frame with some red satin ribbon.  A popped up medallion on the right of the framed photo.
On the backside of the second tag is another Asian Beauty. Gold Krylon Pen used around her frame and also around the decorative frame.
On to the third and last tag:
Maybe this one is my favorite tag.  This Asian Beauty sits amongst the flowers . Her dress had Stickles and her frame Gold Krylon Pen.
On the back side of the third frame is this Asian Beauty. The frames have the Gold Krylon Pen.  Her dress and flowers in the frame have Stickles. The toiletries in front of the Asian Beauty are dabbed with Glossy Accents
And, this is the last page: back cover 
Like the front inside cover, another  "wall hanging" is backed with some light chipboard (instead of foam squares) along with using a Gold Krylon Pen to outline cut edges. Star Dust Stickles and Glossy Accents used on the wall hanging  

Thank you for coming by to visit today and hope Jan and I have inspired you! 


Carolyn said...

Oh my gosh; your tag booklet is fantastic. You and Jan did a marvelous job using the Bird Song collection. I am really inspired with the tags.

StampinwithAloha said...


Carla said...

WAUW...just wonderful.
Nice to see what can be done with this paper.

koala said...

Wow --- , gorgeous !!! What a gorgeous in detail.
Love papers and detail. (^.^)/"

Jan Castle said...

Hi Patti...just to clarify, I made it, but it was designed by Kathi Schie. Our Paper Dolls Club (5 of us) made these under her direction. Her tag designs are wonderful and there is a lot of paper sculpting on all the ladies...a sight to behold in person to be sure. Thanks for the help...I like what you did to solve the closure problem - perfect! Hugs,