Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sour Cream Christmas Containers

OMG - are these the cutest or what? Thee Sour cream containers are a Silhouette cut file from their on line store. They are so easy to make. (Thank goodness) These were reduced in size to fit some CASH.  Folded currency fits well.  I had to makes these immediately since I had been running way behind elf side was too slow for the holidays.  There is a Santa, Snowman and Reindeer. Each can be cut using scraps.
Here's the Snowman - a small pom-pom used for the holly on all the containers.
The Santa:
Lastly the Reindeer:
Well, when youa re in a pinch................decorated sour cream containers are great!


StampinwithAloha said...

Those are adorable! I have yet to break down and purchase a Silhouette - it looks a bit more complicated for me to deal with right now - LOL! TFS!

MJ said...

So cute Patti! :)

Jan Castle said...

You just never cease to amaze Patti!!!!

eunice said...

Wow, your elf side is really clever! These sour cream packets are just adorable...but the idea to use them to put $$$ in is absolutely GENIUS!

Just Jenna said...

I'm just wondering, if by any chance, you would happen to have a template for the bits & pieces from your "Sour Cream Containers"? These are great! :) Thanks so much for sharing the idea. I will definitely be making up a bunch of these.