Friday, September 6, 2013

Kimono Marci Sliding Pop Up Birthday Card

More birthday surprises? Now hold on to the table before you fall down to see this amazing, I mean an amazing Birthday card I received from my gal pal Eunice.  Yup, the famous Eunice who has a blog A Star for Chiemi which can be found here.  This card style is a pop up box where Eunice has provided measurements for the basic pop up box and tutorial posted July 14, 2013 (found here and here). I received this card a little after my birthday and just posting it now. I was sure stunned by the interactive card she painstakingly made for me.  I know she paid lots and lots of attention to detail as you will see in the photos below. The stamp sets used are from La-la Land Crafts (Kimono Marci and Marci with Lantern) which can be found here.  The main paper used is from My Little Shoebox but unfortunately, it is no longer available.......well,maybe on eBay?
Here is a closer look at the two Marci gals in the center of the card: OMG - isn't the coloring of these girls absolutely stunning?  It's what I call "perfect", eh?
Positioned in between the front and back is the cherry blossom tree limb: I believe they are punched cherry blossoms with also punched centers...............very nice!!!!
See those cherry blossoms more closely:
LOOK - the card can be folded down flat to be enclosed in an envelope:
Here is the envelope (also made by Eunice) which held the flattened card.
And, even the tag is ever so gorgeous with punched cherry blossoms and gold punched scattered sparkles.
 I am extremely fortunate to have received this gorgeous card..........THANK YOU SO MUCH, EUNICE for making such an amazing card for me.


Mary R. said...

Patti, Oh my gosh throse little girls are so cute I want them stamps so bad thank you ,you can always make my day with your art .
your so good my dear friend...


Jan Castle said...

GORGEOUS....Eunice - it's over the top!!! Lucky you Patti!
Paper Hugs,

Alexa Wong said...

Super adorable! The cherry blossom trees are so cute and I bet the two (2) girls in kimono on the card represent you and Eunice. I wish I have the luxury of time to make paper crafts like this card. It surely looks like an exciting task.