Monday, June 24, 2013

Asian Shadow Box

Wow - is a girl lucky or what? I got this so fabulous shadow box from my swap friend: Yvonne J. Yvonne specializes in fabulous Asian projects so I am always thrilled to receive them.  This shadow box is white. The size is 6-5/8" X6-5/8" X 7/8".  Each small box size inside is 1-7/8" x 1-7/8". 
The Asian woman inside opening size is 5-7/8" x 3-7/8". Love the Washi paper used on the Asian woman.  There is a small "mah jong" tile adhered on the top left corner. See the detailed photos below.
Here's one of the boxes with a Asian coin on "newspaper" print with red background:
The 2nd box is a small bottle filled with gold micro beads - hmmm, I have some of those micro beads somewhere. 
The last box is a gold charm: chopsticks holding a sushi roll............nice!!!
Here's a little side view of the shadow box - it is made of wood and painted white.  I'm not sure where she got this but isn't it just wonderful. I'd love to get my hands on black shadow boxes.
It was a real big surprise to receive this in the mail - I was jumping up and down with JOY!!!!
Hope you also think it is great, too. 


eunice said...

I totally understand your joy in receiving this amazing piece of art...WOW! Love the clean and simple elegance of Yvonne's shadowbox...very beautiful! Lucky you to have such a creative and talented lady in your circle of friends!

Mary R. said...

Oh my Yvonne your shadow box is just wonderful < your so talented
you should be so proud of your self
Just beautiful....


Shelly Schmidt said...

Wow- lucky you!!! This is gorgeous : )

Jan Castle said...

Such a lovely piece Patti...I know it will be one of your treasures!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful gift for a very special person. Beautiful art. xoxo Gina