Monday, February 18, 2013

3-D Valentine Heart

OMG - some more wonderful and fun Valentine things to psot and share............this is a 3-D Heart made by Frances C.  It is way cool. The cut files are from the Silhouette on line store found here  LOVE this........I always think fo these items as being small but she made this large enough for imapct and also to fit into an envelope...................LOVE this!!!! Frances customized it with the Dandelion Year of the Snake Stamp which is blended into the colors of the heart but also stands out with stickles outlining it.  In the back is the message: "a thankful heart is a happy heart" (also from t he Silhouette on line store found here).....YES, we do love our Silhouette to cut all these fun cut files. Size is 5" x 5-1/4" when opened.
Here is the heart flat which measures 6-1/4" x 5"
The Snake image in the front:
The message in back:
I got this nice surprise in the mail - it was a great surprise. THANK YOU, Frances for your thoughtfulness and sharing your craft!!!!



Jan Castle said...

Nice job Frances...really cute heart!!!

eunice said...

Wow! These slice-form papercrafts always intrigue me...great job Frances!