Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pushing the Envelope Tutorial

Thank you all for your patience in waiting for the "Pushing the Envelope" tutorial. The original post on 3/5/2011. The tutorial will provide the BASIC steps to make this type of album. Left Photo: To prepare to make this book: (2) 6-1/2" x 5" chipboard pieces (2) 7-1/2 x 6" patterned paper (2) 6-1/4" x 4-3/4" solid/pattern paper for inside cover (2) 4-3/4" x 12" solid/pattern paper for spine, scored 1-1/4" along 12" side (7) envelopes of your choice - A2 size used for this tutorial (7) 20" long cut ribbon of your choice 1/8" Hand Held circle punch Keep in mind, these are basic measurements. If the envelopes used are larger in size, increase to adjust the covers accordingly. COVER: Right Photo: Adhere the 7-1/2" x 6" piece to the chipboard. To make the corners, apply adhesive to the edge, then fold up the corners (as shown in the photo), repeat on all 4 corners. Left Photo: to achieve crisp sides, use a bone folder or simply lift up the side and rock forward (see yellow arrow), apply adhesive, secure. Right photo: finished front and back cover results. Set aside - do not apply inside cover yet!!!

SPINE: Left Photo: Crease and fold the 4-3/4" x 12 strips. Connect the two strips (see yellow arrow)

Right Photo: There are a total of 7 mountains for the outside and 8 for the inside. Note: The total amount of folds will also depend on how many envelopes are being used for the album.

Left Photo: Make a template 2" x 4-3/4" using chipboard. First hole is 1-1/8" from the top, following (3) 1/8" holes on the edge 1-1/4" apart. Note: if envelopes are larger/smaller in size, center the template for the same results. Place the template on the 3rd fold line which will the 1st mountain fold, mark holes - continue marking on all mountain sections.

Right Photo: Fold crease to punch holes using a 1/8" hand held punch. Repeat process 6 additional times.

Preparing the Envelopes

Left Photo: Fold the envelope flap inside (see yellow arrow)

Right Photo: using the template previously made for the strips, center template on envelope, mark holes.

After punching the envelopes, the envelope side results are as shown. Note: the 1/8" punch should be ONLY punching half way (or 1/16" in).

Connecting the Envelopes to the Spine

Left Photo: A needle with larger holes will be good to thread ribbon of your choice.

Right Photo: After threading needle, push through the center hole of the spine and envelope (see yellow arrow). Leave about 7" of ribbon as a tail.

Left photo: After threading ribbon through the center hole, from the inside of the envelope, thread through the bottom hole and through the bottom of the spine (see yellow arrow)

Right Photo: Bring needle up to the top spine hole, thread through top envelope hole as shown.

Left Photo: Before the spine attaching process is completed, outside of the spine should be as shown

Right Photo: Thread through the center envelope hole and through spine ensuring the tail will be on the opposite side of the original tail (see yellow arrow). Tie a double knot to secure ribbon.

Finished attached envelope results:
Attaching Cover to Spine

Left Photo: adhere spine extension to the cover (see yellow arrow)........position it 1/4" from the edge

Right photo: Adhere the solid/pattern paper on top to hide the extension.

Results of finished project side view

Whew.........................this tutorial took a bit longer than expected. I do hope it is clear, if not, please, let me know.


Margaret said...

This tutorial must have been a huge amount of work, and you made is so clear! I can't wait to make one with baby pictures of my granddaughters for my mother-n-law. I think it would make the sweetest gift for her. Thank you ao much!!

scrappychica said...

simply amazing! The step by step is very clear and the photos help so very much for us visual peeps! thank you for sharing such a treasure of a tutorial!

- - Sheryl - - said...

thanks - looks great - I hear you! Written tutorials take a lot of time and I appreciate your time too!

Nancy Ward said...

I posted a link to this tutorial today.

Nancy Ward

crafterGM said...

That is a great tutorial on this looks easy enough to follow that I am going to have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing this. Gloria M