Sunday, February 8, 2009

CD Folder Album - Baby Boy

I replaced all the photos previously posted earlier today - they were badly "discolored". These are much better.
Below is the front and back cover of the CD Folder Album. Finished size of this album is 5-1/8" x 5-1/8" x 1-1/8". All stickers, solid and designer paper shown are included in the Scrappin kit. Multi color Baby ducks are perfect for a little Boy.

Here are all the inside pages. The 3x3 envelopes have inserts which can be used for journaling notes or photos. On each 3x3 envelope, First, Second, Third, and Fourth month stickers are attached (these are included in the Scrappin Kit). The scallop envelope in the pocket can also be used for a larger photo or additional journaling.

More photo space or journaling. Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eight Month stickers are attached to tags.

Another scallop circle in the pocket and more photos can be attached on the next page (Tangerine Tango color)

On the last section shown below, more 3x3 envelopes with Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelve Month stickers attached. Another scallop envelope in the CD pocket.

Below are photos of the inserts from the 3x3 envelopes. Why make them white when there's all that great designer paper - right?

Shown below is a "spine" that adds a finished look to the album. The last photo is a top view.

LOOK what can be made with:

-Simply Scrappin Kit: Rock-a-Bye Boy

-3 Scallop Circles (Big Shot Scallop die) - not included in Scrappin Kit

-1 Scallop Circle (Big Shot Scallop Circle #2 die) - not included in Scrappin Kit

-(8) 3x3 Envelopes - not included in Scrappin Kit

-Round Tab Punch

-3/16" Corner Punch (not pictured)

-Dimensionals (not pictured)

-3 CD Folders

In fact, 1 Simply Scrappin kit is enough to make 2 complete Albums.

Want a Baby Girl version...........?

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Carolyn King said...

wow...that is an awesome project. So much amazing detail. Great job!