Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Birthday Cake Candle Pop Out

It's always fun to receive a handmade card from friends who are so clever.  this one is a birthday card from Kris G. It is a cake withs a surprise. Finished card size is 5" x 7". 
I'm not sure how she made this card, maybe using a cutter?  I love the multi color confetti on the shimmery white cake icing.
This birthday image was cut using the Silhouette and is from their on line store. i added this after I got the card.
Pull the center up to reveal "happy" (this is also cut using my Silhouette and is from their on line store) and also those cute whimsical candles.
Here's the candle on the right side:
The candle on the left side:
Isn't this the cutest card?  I love the pull out and pop out mechanism - I really need to figure out how this was made. It is soooo cute!!


GottaHaveJC said...

Wow! I have searched and searched! This is the cutest card. If you find the directions, please share! Awesome friend to send such a cute card!

Cheryle said...

And WOW again! Great card. Would love to know how to make it.

CarlavdM said...

What a fun card with those candles poppin' out on the side.
I like it tooo...thanks for sharing.

doodlingdebbie said...

I love pop up or in this case "pop out" cards. Your birthday card is so adorable!. I ended up making a couple of Halloween "Pop-Out" Cards. One has Frankensteins arms popping out and it says:'Boo" and the other has Frankenstein with his arms popping out. I hope to get the chance to share them on my blog with the instructions.

I can hardly wait to try a birthday pop-out card like the lovely one you shared. Thanks Patti! Hugs, Debbie

jperr said...

Beautiful Card.Thanks for sharing your talent.
Blessings Jocelan

Deliaha said...

I love the card and the candles. I so want to try and make this. Is the candles a silhouette cut fie?